NetWork 2013: Connecting for Careers in the Arts

Last week the School of the Museum of Fine Arts’ Anderson Auditorium was host to over 30 entrepreneurs and artists working in arts administration, education, electronic media and design, publishing and more—organizations from America’s Test Kitchen and WGBH to Massachusetts Cultural Council as well as small businesses run by SMFA alumni such as Elizabeth Clark Photography and Judy Kermis Blotnick Studios were in attendance. Current students sat and talked with alumni and business representatives about their experiences, their current occupation and their career paths, and departed with cards, contacts, inspiration and advice.

NetWork 2013 was organized by the Artist Resource Center (ARC), SMFA’s professional development and career guidance office. ARC services include guidance sessions, resume writing workshops, an online job listing database, and every semester secures credit-bearing professional internships for many students and alumni.

NetWork 2013 event

We caught up with current Master of Fine Arts candidate Debra Jayne, and asked her a few questions about the event:

What is your focus at SMFA, and where are you in your studies?

My focus is painting and printmaking. I received my Diploma from SMFA in 2010, my Post-Bac in 2012, and I’m currently in my first year of the MFA program.

What was your goal in attending NetWork 2013?

To make some connections with people around the Boston area and find out what kinds of opportunities are available.

Who did you end up speaking with?

I spoke with a lot of people; Judith Motzkin from the BreadPot; Jill Fisher from America’s Test Kitchen; Arsenal ArtsArtex; Yes, Oui, Si; the Museum of Fine Arts representative; Big Red and Shiny, and more. In particular, I connected with Lisa Houck (MFA ’89), whose work is related to botanicals and landscapes—really quite colorful.  We spoke for quite a while! She was very helpful in terms of things to be thinking about while I am in school and after I am finished with the MFA program.

What are your post-graduate plans?

I intend to delve into my art practice, apply for residencies and grants, exhibit in galleries, teach, and be active in organizations.

Thanks so much, Debra—and good luck!

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  1. DJ says:

    Thanks for this! We’ve been building an ed resource at too. Bringing together some of the best speech & lecture videos from top universities for use for higher ed faculty, staff, and students. It’s a good free resource for courses, learning, or professional development. Feel free to share or blog it if you find it useful.


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